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Monthly Archives: August 2013

I know I meant this blog to be for mostly women, but yes, epic win! I don’t use that phrase lightly!

The Feminine Miss Geek

Guys, if you have long hair and aren’t taking full advantage of what you are able to do with it? For shame. Curl and braid that shit up. Add some baby’s breath. Rock it.


Truly breathtaking.

See more here at the Bold Italic.

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See previous post’s comments for context.

As a 24-year-old Chinese American woman, I admit I have mixed feelings about my Nerd Raccoon Hoodie from Forever21:

Photo 65

BOF outlines changing cultural international fashion trends in Amongst Chinese Girls, Cute Gives Way to Cool:

First, she holds up a big panda-eyes T-shirt and announces: “This was our bestseller last spring.” Then she points to the bunnies that swarm all over the brand’s summer miniskirts, another bestseller. Finally, she presents a whole menagerie of cats, swans, lions and mice that proudly parade on a successful series of tops. In the winter, she said, faux-fur hoodies with small ears have been doing well, helping this writer to understand why chilly Chinese girls sometimes look like bear cubs.

Until recently, these kinds of “childish” products have driven strong results…

While the women born in the 1980s lived in an environment of fast economic growth, combined with rigorous education standards, post-90s women are no longer guinea pigs in a new socioeconomic experiment. They still suffer from the pressures of schoolwork and market competition, but they have adopted more liberal and individualistic values, which can translate into more selective and anti-mainstream shopping habits.

I think this article highlights important cultural changes in the Asian social zeitgeists (in some historically very isolated cultures) and perhaps a more global attitude about fashion.

And this is a good thing.

Like awesome t-shirts? So do we, and Threadless is my favorite place to get them. They’re extending their current $10 sale until Monday, so now would definitely be the time to check them out. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them since 2008.

And really, who can resist a shirt like Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard?


Clearly, not me.

Speaks for itself. By GoJane. Faux leather heel. Available for $35 on Amazon.  Available from in a couple extra colors, 3 different colors  total, including blue, at

For those of your are that are also interested in shark-themed fashion, and ate your ankles, you might also enjoy these knee-high shark-related socks:$8.29.

And… I can’t embed this video thanks to video type limitations but here’s a Cat in a Shark Outfit on a Roomba.

The Official Shark Week Site From The Discovery Channel:

Post your shark week outfit pics and idea in the comments below!

I, personally, love the Rihanna/Skrillex hair. I think it’s BAMF. By the way, Form and Function is currently looking for a House Hair Stylist at the moment! Let me know if you or any professional hair stylist bloggers you know are interested!


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Available for the iPhone 5!

Hat-tip to The Feminine Miss Geek.

The Feminine Miss Geek

This might just be one of the more awesome things I have seen in awhile.

It looks to be a silicon case that comes in six colors. The case itself has a woven pattern, which allows you to cross stitch any pattern you like onto the case itself!

You get the case, some thread and a needle to get you started, and a variety of patterns for just 18 bucks! Really cute and clever idea that I had to share. Cross stitching is a great starter craft for the non-crafty, it’s cheap to get started, and there are so many cool projects for stitchers out there right  now. Via Subversive Cross Stitch and Anti-Craft.

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Elise here, I’ll be contributing to this blog as resident nail polish addict. My collection is somewhere upwards of 200.


(This isn’t actually all of them – I still have three small drawers to sort.)

That being said, I’ve always been a tomboy and I like to keep things easy and cost-effective. I’ll be focusing on easy nail art and techniques and swatches/reviews of my favorite reasonably-priced products, with a side of anything else of relevance I think of to contribute.

Aside from nail polish, I volunteer at an animal shelter, play too many video games, cosplay and attend conventions, enjoy the occasional craft beer, and read anything I can get my hands on.


As I enter my mid-twenties, the “form” component of “form and function” has become more important to me. Getting mistaken for a high school kid gets tiresome, so even though I dress casually most days and don’t wear much makeup, I take care of myself better than I did when I actually was in high school. I try to keep a happy medium between being comfortable and looking presentable. My main methods of choice are a pixie cut and perfect nails – both go a long way.

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to contributing!


Save some money. Get silky locks. Via


Full style name: Cushe Ohia Textile

photo (3)

I bought these at a little place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

They are just as comfortable as they look.

photo (1)

I was tired of spending $40 on sandals that appeared to be good quality while trying out in the store but then kept cutting my feet open when in use. I decided to drop $70 on a pair that seemed durable and had a super cute pattern.  I had never heard of Cushe, but they sure have delivered.

photo (2)

I was a bit iffy on the textile fabric, but they seemed to have held out over this summer pretty well.  I have a black and grey paisley dress that just happens to complement these sandals very well. They run big; these are a 6 but I’m normally a 7. They come in pink or blue. I have blue.

Available for $75 online here:

Pros: Very comfortable. Very light. Absolutely adorable paisley print. Thick, non-slip soles.

Cons:  Not quite as versatile as black sandals for dressy looks. Color scheme hard to match for outfit coordination. Took some “breaking in” around the toe area.