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Why Form AND Function for Fashion?

Form and Function Fashion is a blog for women who prefer multi-dimensional clothing and beauty. If you have never quite been “one of the girls,” but also want to differentiate yourself from the crowd and promote a practical yet confident image, then this blog is perfect for you.

Here at F&F we will seek to promote feminine or androgynous products that maximize cost-effectiveness, comfort, and style. We do not cater to a specific “look” and support a range of body types, gender norms, brands, and designs. 

**We are Currently Looking for Fresh Talent, New Writers! Opportunities to advance. E-mail below with your experience and why you want to write for F&F!**

The Team


scandalousmuffin is a twenty-something blogger based in New York City.

She was totally an awkward child and still carries a multi-tool in her purse.

Photo 23

Her favorite places to shop for clothes besides the local hole-in-the-wall stores include H&M, Target, Forever 21, Macy’s, Goodwill, Aerie, and Brooklyn Industries.

Nail Art Expert


Comments from readers with tips for beauty and style on posts are encouraged. Self-promotion and out-links are allowed but please keep it relevant and reasonable.

E-mail at hall.candice.s[at] for freelance writing inquiries.


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