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Like awesome t-shirts? So do we, and Threadless is my favorite place to get them. They’re extending their current $10 sale until Monday, so now would definitely be the time to check them out. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them since 2008.

And really, who can resist a shirt like Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard?


Clearly, not me.


Full style name: Cushe Ohia Textile

photo (3)

I bought these at a little place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

They are just as comfortable as they look.

photo (1)

I was tired of spending $40 on sandals that appeared to be good quality while trying out in the store but then kept cutting my feet open when in use. I decided to drop $70 on a pair that seemed durable and had a super cute pattern.  I had never heard of Cushe, but they sure have delivered.

photo (2)

I was a bit iffy on the textile fabric, but they seemed to have held out over this summer pretty well.  I have a black and grey paisley dress that just happens to complement these sandals very well. They run big; these are a 6 but I’m normally a 7. They come in pink or blue. I have blue.

Available for $75 online here:

Pros: Very comfortable. Very light. Absolutely adorable paisley print. Thick, non-slip soles.

Cons:  Not quite as versatile as black sandals for dressy looks. Color scheme hard to match for outfit coordination. Took some “breaking in” around the toe area.

Form /fôrm/ (noun)

early 13c., from Old French forme “physical form, appearance, pleasing looks; shape, image,” from Latin forma “form, contour, figure, shape; appearance, looks’ model, pattern, design; sort, kind condition”

Function /ˈfəNGkSHən/ (noun)

1530s, “proper work or purpose,” from Middle French fonction (16c.) and directly from Latin functionem (nominative functio) “performance, execution,” noun of action fromfunctus, past participle of fungi “perform, execute, discharge,” from PIE root *bheug- (2) “to use, enjoy”

Form and Function Fashion is a blog for women who prefer multi-dimensional clothing and beauty. If you have never quite been “one of the girls,” but also want to differentiate yourself from the crowd and promote a practical yet confident image, then this blog is perfect for you.

Here at F&F we will seek to promote feminine or androgynous products that maximize cost-effectiveness, comfort, and style. We do not cater to a specific “look” and support a range of body types, gender norms, brands, and designs. We will be covering everything from clothing to skin care to hair & make-up.

I would like to hereafter designate “Cost, Comfort, and Style” (“CCS”) as the Trifecta of Fashion and will be concentrating on these three areas in future posts. I hope that my tips will be useful and have broad appeal for the modern woman. Feel free to leave comments with suggestions or links (within reason, some self-promotion okay) you feel may contribute to the discussion.

Welcome to Form and Function Fashion blog. I hope that you find what you are looking for and more. Stay classy, everybody.