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Elise here, I’ll be contributing to this blog as resident nail polish addict. My collection is somewhere upwards of 200.


(This isn’t actually all of them – I still have three small drawers to sort.)

That being said, I’ve always been a tomboy and I like to keep things easy and cost-effective. I’ll be focusing on easy nail art and techniques and swatches/reviews of my favorite reasonably-priced products, with a side of anything else of relevance I think of to contribute.

Aside from nail polish, I volunteer at an animal shelter, play too many video games, cosplay and attend conventions, enjoy the occasional craft beer, and read anything I can get my hands on.


As I enter my mid-twenties, the “form” component of “form and function” has become more important to me. Getting mistaken for a high school kid gets tiresome, so even though I dress casually most days and don’t wear much makeup, I take care of myself better than I did when I actually was in high school. I try to keep a happy medium between being comfortable and looking presentable. My main methods of choice are a pixie cut and perfect nails – both go a long way.

Thanks for reading, I’m looking forward to contributing!