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Speaks for itself. By GoJane. Faux leather heel. Available for $35 on Amazon.  Available from in a couple extra colors, 3 different colors  total, including blue, at

For those of your are that are also interested in shark-themed fashion, and ate your ankles, you might also enjoy these knee-high shark-related socks:$8.29.

And… I can’t embed this video thanks to video type limitations but here’s a Cat in a Shark Outfit on a Roomba.

The Official Shark Week Site From The Discovery Channel:

Post your shark week outfit pics and idea in the comments below!


Full style name: Cushe Ohia Textile

photo (3)

I bought these at a little place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

They are just as comfortable as they look.

photo (1)

I was tired of spending $40 on sandals that appeared to be good quality while trying out in the store but then kept cutting my feet open when in use. I decided to drop $70 on a pair that seemed durable and had a super cute pattern.  I had never heard of Cushe, but they sure have delivered.

photo (2)

I was a bit iffy on the textile fabric, but they seemed to have held out over this summer pretty well.  I have a black and grey paisley dress that just happens to complement these sandals very well. They run big; these are a 6 but I’m normally a 7. They come in pink or blue. I have blue.

Available for $75 online here:

Pros: Very comfortable. Very light. Absolutely adorable paisley print. Thick, non-slip soles.

Cons:  Not quite as versatile as black sandals for dressy looks. Color scheme hard to match for outfit coordination. Took some “breaking in” around the toe area.